Playtest wave 2: Electric Boogaloo

OF Team | February 24, 2024

Happy birthday to us all!

OF Team | February 14, 2024


OF Team | December 25, 2023


Revision 19!!

OF Team | August 11, 2023

Tags: News , Updates


  • Updated FMOD to newer version

  • Enabled FMOD debug mode

  • SourceMod now officially supports Open Fortress


  • Big projectile and Explosion update

    • Changed how blastjump knockback is stored
      • Now saved separately from damage
      • Self damage reduction or increase now doesn't affect it anymore
        • Shield now properly protects you, without sacrificing blast jump height
      • Fixes weapons like the China lake doing more self damage than intended
    • Changed how collision detection is handled
      • Should be more consistent across the board now
      • All damage is now done from the PROJECTILE'S team, rather than the shooters, which fixes changing teams allowing for friendly fire
    • Changed how visuals are networked
      • Visual information should now be stored in the projectile itself, which fixes edge cases where the weapon is deleted after a projectile is fired
  • Added self damage stat for weapons

    • Reduced Gravity gauntlets self damage
  • Wait to respawn no longer works in duel

  • Re-implemented bot_spawner entity


  • Added patch version to the main menu

  • Added "include_res" option to res files

    • Allows a res file to include another res file within itself ( With depth support )
    • To use, create a "include_res" container anywhere in your res file, ex:
                "include" "resource/ui/foreground.res"
                "include" "resource/ui/background.res"
  • Added edit_line_number parameter to combo box

    • Set the number of items in the dropdown menu.
  • Added command to open the loadout menu while In-Game open_charinfo_direct

  • Main menu submenus are now precached and will only load once, so opening and closing them should be faster now


  • Fixed "map" command no showing the loading screen when used
  • Fixed loading dialog not closing upon being disconnected
  • Fixed options menu and server browser lingering in the background after being deselected
  • Fixed Lockdown bots counting towards balance
  • Fixed Lockdown bots not thinking
  • Fixed bots forgetting how to put one leg after the other every other tick
  • Fixed bots ignoring players in FFA entirely
    • They still have a small FOV and don't look around often
  • Fixed Spectators "ragequitting" duel matches
  • Fixed certain weapons causing the crit sound to play on loop when headshotting
  • Fixed projectiles hitting teammates if the shooter changed team midway through
  • Fixed Flamethrower and GIB AOE not hitting teammates with friendlyfire
  • Fixed projectile visuals like explosions using the wrong effects if the weapon is removed early
  • Fixed cl_quickzoom_out_time and cl_quickzoom_in_time not being clientside
  • Fixed jitter when colliding with players in FFA
  • Fixed jitter when colliding with teammates when of_teamplay_collision is enabled
  • Fixed superweapons not dissolving
  • Fixed Shotgun not having the two extra reload sounds that were erroneously removed at some point


  • Updated libcurl version, fixing a major security flaw
  • Added few more failsafes to prevent FMOD Play sound from crashing
  • Base class information for bot_spawner bots is now also precached, which should reduce lag on first spawn
  • Fixed crashes related to animation handling
  • Cleaned up how class precache is handled
  • Minor crash fixes related to bots
  • Quickzoom is now more stable on high ping scenarios



  • Reset length to from 60 to 30 seconds and decreased respawn time on invisibility, shield, and duel shield powerups.
  • Expanded the yellow section
  • Completely remade the green section to fit circular gameplay better.
  • Removed the elevator for now (will most likely be back in a future version)
  • New slipgate from the yellow section’s display case to the catwalk over the blue section.
  • Added various health and ammo pickups across the map
  • Added more spawn points
  • Much better lighting
  • More artpass progress
  • Included navmesh for bot pathfinding


  • Reworked the indoors Office section
    • Now less cramped and more spacious
  • Reworked haste powerup room
  • Rest of the map scaled down for sake of flow
  • Adjusted the angling of some slopes on the B-side of the map for better flow
  • Added a new route into the fan room


With this update comes Official support from SourceMod. To use SourceMod now, you simply need to get the latest version off of their website:

Alongside this version of OF-Tools, which is much more lightweight:

Revision 18

OF Team | August 11, 2023

Tags: Updates


  • With this update comes the removal of native linux client support
    • We highly reccomend the usage of proton, the usage of which you can get help for in our Discord's support channel
    • Server binaries remain, and will remain, supported


  • Fixed weapon data reading error message not using the schema name
  • Fixed typo in Saw Balista code causing it to not do damage
  • Fixed localisation file having certain strings and characters messed up
  • Fixed localisation strings cutting off early
  • Fixed loads of crash-after-crash bugs
  • Fixed a race condition with curl
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when changing settings
  • Fixed a delay that could happen during re-launch
  • Misc stability improvements
  • Fixed duel shield collision model


  • Added dm_murano_dev

  • Updated dm_roughshod_dev

    • Reworked the full HP room to be laid out less awkwardly
    • Swapped the grenade launcher and railgun spawns
    • Widened many doorways
    • Replaced the broken lift with a func_plat
    • Added a mapdata file
  • Updated mctf_obzen_dev

    • Added jump pads to the sides of the bridge on mid
    • Modified lighting
    • Modified jump pad triggers
  • Updated dm_marine_dev

    • Moved the shield spawn to the old full ammo spawn
    • Replaced the old shield spawn with 3 pills
    • Added some pills below the new shield spawn
    • Made the kritz spawn easier to get out of
    • Changed the small HP next to the upper shotgun spawn to a medium one
    • Changed the small HP next to the upper tommygun to a medium one
  • Updated dm_aerowalk_dev

    • Rebuilt the map from the ground up
  • Partial dm_trisect_dev artpass

  • Updated dm_fotia_dev

  • Updated dm_angeles_dev

  • Updated mctf_angeles_dev


  • Updated Gatling gun texure
  • Fixed pistol eject brass being misplaced


  • Added Welder mask
  • Added the Deconstruction Worker (TFC Engie helmet)


  • Mercenary class added to info_player_teamspawn spawnflags
  • Added 'tf' tags to various dev textures that didn't have them

Revision 17, Hotfixes!

OF Team | July 31, 2023

Tags: Updates


  • Updated how Third person is handled to no longer Break angles in some scenarios
  • Updated DM sound cues to also play in objective Merc modes


  • Fixed game freeze during load times when the game is reopening itself
  • Fixed null pointer crash related to missing Local player when playing announcer sounds
  • Fixed Announcer entity not clearing itself from memory after deletion
  • Fixed saw ballista not hitting the shooter in team modes
  • Fixed null pointer crash related to bots in CTF
  • Fixed null pointer crash related to the DM Rocketlauncher act table


  • Fixed certain systems experiencing Assert messages
  • Lessened reloading of the main menu video, improving stability
  • Fixed capture point hud having missing textures for upwards captured capture points
  • Fixed capture point text being white regardless of background
  • Fixed forced class switches in Escort or Infection not factoring in class limits
  • Fixed arsenal resupply not properly reselecting your weapons
  • Fixed the player movement freeze being the opposite of the winscreen ratio setting


  • Reordered DM Pistol sequences to better support older mods
  • Replaced the old melee kill voiceline with a cool new one
    (consider this a small sample of whats to come)


  • Added a new style for the long-sleeved default shirt: Camoless


  • Updated Painhouse
    • Removed "_dev" suffix
    • Improved performance
    • Added map info images
    • Added spectator camera spots

Revision 16, Erectin' a Sentry!

OF Team | July 30, 2023

Tags: Updates


Added automatic crash reporting!

  • On first boot, the game will ask you if you agree to sending anonymous reports on crash
  • The only identifiable info sent is your SteamID, more info on

    For some time now we've been concerned about the stability of the game, however internal tests can only help so much, so gathering crash scenarios from the public will be a massive help

Added of_dom_scorelimit_multiplier ConVar

  • Multiplies points need to win in (mercenary) Domination

Added dynamic spawner time settings:

  • of_spawners_dynamic_max_mult - The value weapon spawner respawn times get multiplied by at max player count
  • of_spawners_dynamic_player_start_count - The player count at which
    dynamic weapon spawner times start
  • of_spawners_dynamic_player_max_count - The player count at which
    dynamic weapon spawner times reach their max multiplier

We saw that servers with a larger player cap often ran weaponstay to combat the issue of not enough weapons for that larger player count, however, that deminished the player experience at low to medium player counts, these convars are meant to solve this issue

Added sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed

  • Enables/Disables vote kicks

Fixed crash related to picking up the Flag in DM
Fixed jump pad related server crash
Fixed some memory allocation errors related to music
Fixed undefined behavior related to trigger_touch and teleports that caused velocity to not be preserved
Cleaned up some console error messages


Updated melee reflection to be more lenient
Fixed use_fire not properly selecting the Deathmatch Flamethrower


Added new cosmetics:

  • PF2 Crossover!
    • Old School shirt
    • Old School Pants
  • Emblem shirt
  • The Nostalgic nades - Textures WIP
  • The Mighty harness - Textures WIP

Added new styles for The Suit jacket
Updated Camoless pants textures
Updated Burglar shirt cosmetic

Added indicators for which items come from crossovers in the Loadout menu

Fixed many inconsistencies and errors in cosmetic material functions


  • Added new dev map dm_fotia_dev
    • Fight atop the roof of a seemingly abandoned office complex. Be sure to avoid falling off though.
  • Added new dev map dm_marine_dev
    • Dive deep into this underwater base, and get lost in its corridors as vast as the ocean
  • Added new dev map dm_trisect_dev
    • Several other mercenaries have broken in to this mysterious facility and they aren’t gonna let you leave without a fight. Maintain control over each of the three sectors to ensure your survival.
  • Added new dev map mpush_tycoon_dev
    • Experience the Push gamemode once again in this up and coming map, just try not to go the wrong way, dongus
  • Added new version of angeles, MDOM_angeles_dev!
    • Fight for your team and take the occasional saw blade to the chest with this new twist to the MDOM formula - a series of sequentially unlocking and locking control points that takes players around the streets and alleys of downtown Los Angeles!

Updated DM Angeles:

  • Added Mega powerup in the office
  • Reworked office second floor to be tighter
  • Added 2 jump pads into the office first floor, one replacing the teleporter in the loading dock
  • Added surfable and trimpable surfaces
  • Added a lot of road sign props around the map
  • Fine tuned jump pads and overall geometry
  • Added a tribute for the concerningly large group dedicated to crashing the server every time dm_angeles_dev is played with the power of a mere beach ball

Updated Casino:

  • Added New slot machine models made by Wendy
  • Added place holder signage
  • Added new route going down to the parking area
  • Streamlined some areas
  • Added jump pad going up to the lightning gun level
  • Added new vent path going to the revolver
  • Switched around railgun and ar spawns
  • New detail added around parking area and upper levels of the building
  • New hotel building (might expand layout area into it in the future)
  • Doors are now higher to help stop head bumping
  • Moved full ammo from bottom of the stairwell dead end into its own new area up further

Updated Grain:

  • Made many small doors taller to stop head bonking
  • Lowered the displacement on the lower tommygun spawn to stop head bonking
  • Widened the door above the lower shotgun
  • Replaced the ladder next to the lower shotgun with a jump pad
  • Gave the kritz spawn a 20 second spawn delay at the start of the match
  • Pushed one of the containers next to the chaingun spawn so it doesn't stick out
  • Swapped the rocket launcher and flamethrower spawns
  • Replaced all climbable ladder models with the default open fortress ladder model
  • Moved spawns that were directly next to each other to be further apart

Updated Painhouse:

  • Updated layout
  • Added Mostly-complete artpass by Waugh101
  • New map info

Updated Thames:

  • Optimization pass
  • Replaced stock flamethrower pickup with DM flamethrower
  • Added second rocket launcher spawn point on lower level embankment
  • Added jump pad from lower level gardens to hotel atrium
  • Replaced double decker bus ladder with jump pad, allowing for easier access to existing rocket launcher spawn
  • Made it easier to jump onto lower level embankment jump pad
  • Added ramp on eastern side of gardens for smoother bunnyhopping
  • Added decals for pill spawn points
  • Increased volume of underground train
  • Replaced photo of Soldier on bulletin board newspaper texture with photo of Mercenary
  • Various other visual/quality of life improvements

Updated Facility:

  • Added incomplete artpass

Updated Mulholland:

  • Minor clipping and visual fixes

Fixed cubemaps on dm_campway_dev

Discontinued dm_siberia_dev
Removed dm_watchtower for the moment due to overwhelmingly negative reception


Added new WIP Chaingun model

The previous iteration of the chaingun model didn't quite hit the notes we wanted it to, so we've been working on a new model that hopefully gets the idea we had across

Updated Nailgun model, special thanks to the Pre-Fortress 2 team!
Updated China Lake grenade model

We've been working on updating the china lake to make it feel more chunky and in line with it's power, for now, you can experience the grenades of it

Updated Saw ballista projectiles to rotate their model when they bounce

Updated animations for the following weapons:

  • Merc's Pistol
  • Berserk
  • Zombie claws

Fixed jitter in the dynamite bundle animation

Updated some of berserk's sound effects
Updated nail gun draw sound

Updated now playing HUD element to support team colors
Fixed an issue where 3D Class model pose would not properly adjust in minmode


Updated Bots' birth certificate


Ported over func_flagdetectionzone
Added a variety of carpet materials for mappers to use, by MacD11
Added kitty and bunny cutouts for mappers to use, by HypnOS
Added radiator prop for mappers to use, by iiboharz
Added garbage can prop for mappers to use, by Wheat
Added many roadsign props for mappers to use, by Applecakey
Added new variation of spytech doorframe, by Wheat
Added assets from bonesaw ( hacksaw event ), courtesy of Diva Dan

Updated jumppads to require additional confirmation in order to use "No aircontrol" setting

Many mappers started overusing this setting in places where they didn't need to, the amount of maps with this issue has reached a critical amount to the point where we decided to retroactively disable them all

Updated the gameplay zoo

Release Notes for Revision 15

OF Team | March 26, 2023

Tags: Updates

Make sure to update by using the batch program or the zips.


  • Fix a bug where cosmetics go invisible while swapping from in-eye to chase cam in spectator mode
    • Note: This may still happen on rare occasions, we will look further into it if necessary
  • Fixed schema (and custom) weapons having client/server mismatches
  • Fixed Duel config from not executing last in the ordered list (See [MISC] section for order)
  • Berserk no longer shows quickswitch list while equipped
  • Duel should no longer have any HUD elements break and freeze on screen (for real this time)
  • Fix empty super weapons being dropped and picked up


  • Announcers have now been moved to use FMOD, meaning their volume is seperate from the game with the command "snd_announcervolume"
  • No more "white painted" truck model
  • Added FGD5's updated vehicles
  • Ubercharge's U fixed
  • Quad Launcher now have a better physics model and corrected bone when mounted on merc's back
  • Merc's crowbar is no longer colored when invis
  • In-game tips now change every level change


  • Add air step-up/up-warping to ledges with "sv_airstepsize"
  • Nerfed Saw Ballista's ammo count (16 down to 10)
  • In CTF and derivatives:
    • Added flag return on touch by default
    • Added cvar "of_capture_on_away" for handling flag captures when team's flag is away from base (enabled by default; to disable flag captures when home flag is away, change to 0)


  • Removed "mp_fraglimit" from "default_global_config"
    • Server Owners! The configs in "cfg" work as follows: server.cfg -> default_global_config -> global_config -> default_gamemode_config -> gamemode_config
  • Added "tf_bot_join_after_player" cvar
  • "of_duel_winlimit" set to 1 by default
    • This means duel winners will be rotated off immediately, allowing the next two players in queue to play. Set this to 0 in the "config_duel.cfg" to revert


  • "func_plat" added
  • Added Armor filter
  • Jumppads now have a "reducebackwards" option
    • Reduce air accelaration when walking against them, you can now walk onto jumppads facing opposite of you without being shot directly up in the air
  • Removed the default sounds in the FGD
  • Added support for custom pickup sounds, will revert to default if empty or using another's pickup's sound


  • pagoda_dev has been overhauled

    • Overall improvements to aesthetics and brushwork, with a focus on curves and spirals
    • The layout has been redesigned with both MCTF and MDOM in mind
    • The islands over the deathpit have expanded to make room for more interesting fights and a capture point
    • The waterfall cave has been expanded for more interesting fights and room for a capture point
    • The Quad Launcher has been replaced with the Saw Ballista
    • MCTF specific changes:
      • The bases now have a clear high ground watching the entrance and flag room
      • Flag room is open and easy to get in but tough to get out
      • There is a Saw Ballista on the islands near the pagoda
      • Teleporters on the deathpit side take players onto the balcony of the base
    • MDOM specific changes:
      • The 4 capture points have been reduced to 3
      • The 2 capture points inside the bases have been removed
      • Points are now located on the island, inside the pagoda and inside the cave
      • Players will always spawn in their own base, instead of spawning everywhere on the map
      • No superweapon for MDOM
      • Flag rooms have been blocked off for MDOM
      • Teleporters on the deathpit side take players onto the island capture point
  • dm_angeles_dev

    • Shuffled weapon spawns around and added a few more
    • Tightened up gameplay spaces
    • Added new teleporter taking the player from the first office floor to the second
    • Added beach ball to the pool
    • Adjusted saw ballista spawn time to 90 seconds from 75
  • dm_campway_dev

    • Minor edits to skybox
    • Fixed seams near china lake
    • Replaced full ammo pack with Megahealth
    • Slightly changed saw ballista placement
    • Updated saw ballista spawn times by a few seconds

Hotfix Rev 14

OF Team | February 8, 2023

Tags: Updates

Patch notes for Rev 14 (Hotfix)

  • Fixed VGUI animations not working (Medals, Hide Button in Loadout, ect)
  • Updated Saw Ballista's Bucket Icon

Welcome to Revision 13!

OF Team | February 8, 2023

Tags: News , Updates

Open Fortress’ small development team may be taking things slow and steady right now, but that doesn’t mean we’re averse to putting out larger updates every now and then; we’ve still been hard at work behind the scenes, whether that’s tinkering with cool new gadgets, improving the existing OF gameplay experience, or dealing with hate mail from unhappy fans. (Well, one unhappy fan, but he’s very unhappy. More on him later.)

Today we’re pleased to announce the fruit of our labors with Revision 13, the latest major update for OF. Read on to find out more!

The Saw Ballista

Three out of four medical professionals agree that an intact spinal column is necessary for higher cognitive reasoning. The other medical professional, adamant that a lack of vertebrae can be creatively worked around, is DEAD - his belief violently disproven by a Saw Ballista to the torso. This versatile addition to the Deathmatch super weapon roster is one mean piece of machinery, capable of slicing and dicing opponents in all manner of gruesome ways, from point-blank carnage to creative round-the-corner trick shots. (Did you know that the saws it shoots are made of 0.9% rubber - just bouncy enough to bounce off walls, but not quite enough to bounce off human flesh? Or kevlar, if that’s what your opponent’s wearing. Either way that sucker’s going down, and it ain’t gonna be pretty!)

Deathmatch Maps

What use is a superweapon if you haven’t got an equally super battleground to try it out on? Today’s update adds dm_angeles_dev, the first new OF map to feature the Saw Ballista and the second to take place in sunny L.A., following last year’s duel_mulholland. Angeles is a tight, vertically-oriented warren of alleyways, rooftops and offices, with players encouraged to make the most of the space through jump pads and slipgates. If Mulholland is the responsible older sister of the OF map family, Angeles is the scrappy younger brother, stealing expensive muscle cars and joyriding them down Interstate 405 while drinking milkshakes and firing sawblades at little old ladies - a habit not even the map’s eventual artpass will cure it of. Fun for target practice though.

We’ve also added the Saw Ballista to dm_campway, an existing Deathmatch map and a remake of the DOOM II classic Entryway. The demon-infested corridors of the original map may now be a secret spy base disguised as a holiday campground, but you’ll be getting in just as much ripping and tearing with the new addition to your arsenal. As the old campfire song goes: “YOU ARE HUGE! THAT MEANS YOU HAVE HUGE GUTS!”

Another homage to the golden age of the FPS, dm_facility_dev takes the classic GoldenEye 007 map and retools it from the ground up, bridging the quarter-century gap between our mod and the original game in a way that James Bomd himself would no doubt be proud of. (That’s not a typo - James Bomd is the founder of the American Dev Texture Fan Society, and he’s been pestering us for many years to promote his little club on one of our blog posts. Here you go, Mr. Bomd!)

But the new maps in this update don’t just hark back to the oldest generation of multiplayer shooters. dm_auxiliary_dev takes its inspiration from TF2 fan favorites such as cp_steel and cp_foundry, throwing a unique hexagonal layout and an intricate network of scaffolding into the mix. And while the Saw Ballista may be a gruesome newcomer to the old frontier, no doubt Auxiliary’s eventual artpass will make veterans of the Gravel Wars feel right at home.

Right at the opposite end of the spectrum, dm_hangar’s new artpass is quite simply out of this world. Our finalized rendition of DOOM’s E1M1 map aims to do the iconic level justice, building on the outer space theme partially developed by Valve in rd_asteroid and taking it in all-new directions. Just make sure you watch out for those pools of toxic green sludge - shipping breathable air up to the Moon is pretty expensive, and doesn’t leave much left in the budget for OSHA safety certification.

Finally, dm_control has received a cool new artpass, with a cliffside facility theme that James Bomd would surely feel right at home in. There, two shoutouts in one blogpost - hope you’re finally happy, Mr. Bomd! Now will you please stop sending us aggressively worded letters?


Outside of Deathmatch, today’s update adds two new work-in-progress maps for the Mercenary Capture The Flag gamemode. Halloween may be behind us but spooky shenanigans still abound in mctf_obzen_dev, a throwback to the torchlit dungeons of classic Quake and Unreal Tournament maps. Meanwhile, mctf_august_dev finds the mercs battling in a partially flooded submarine base that would no doubt raise a knowing smile from the mouth of James Bomd. (Turns out he’s also the editor of Tallahassee Model Submarine Digest Monthly, so shoutout to those guys as well or whatever. Look, would you argue with a man who’s started sending you cow manure in the mail? We’ve had to fumigate the offices five times already, and he’s said he’s considering sending it in larger envelopes. If this isn’t the end of it we’ll have to start returning the favor, and God knows where we’re gonna find a cow in this economy.)

Finally, as part of our wider efforts to broaden the gamemodes covered by the OF map pool, mctf_badworks_dev adds a new spin to Badworks, already represented in both Mercenary Domination and Deathmatch. Three gamemodes, two teams, and only one rule - out here in the desert it’s kill or be killed. Or maybe that’s two rules? Eh, we’re game developers, not mathematicians.

Note: with the sheer number of work-in-progress maps added in this update, we’ve also decided to add a new #map-feedback channel in our Discord server. Head there if you have any suggestions or encounter any map-specific bugs that need reporting

And more!

Texture improvements, bug fixes, and many other smaller touch-ups all await in Revision 13, which is now available for download; full patch notes will be released in a separate blog post per usual. Enjoy, and as always, happy fragging! (Except for you, James.)

Release Notes for Revision 13

OF Team | February 8, 2023

Tags: Updates

Make sure to update by either downloading the zip or use the batch program.


  • Added the Saw Ballista! A brand new superweapon that fires powerful saws, able to cut through enemies like butter and bounce off walls!
    • Currently spawning on two maps: dm_campway_dev and dm_angeles_dev
    • Still WIP, make sure to give feedback!
  • Shotgun now has its proper "reload start" stat enabled, meaning players will now start their reload faster
    • Merc also properly pumps the shotgun when firing
  • Players will no longer receive ammo from weapon spawners if they already own the weapon in question
    • This feature can be re-enabled by setting the of_spawners_resupply server cvar to 1
  • When using the Berserk powerup, players are now able to reflect projectiles with well-timed swings!
    • Includes kill icons!
  • Mapcycles lists has been updated


  • mctf_august_dev
  • mctf_obzen_dev
  • mctf_badworks_dev
  • dm_angeles_dev
  • dm_auxiliary_dev
  • dm_facility_dev


  • dm_campway_dev

    • Added Saw Ballista weapon spawner
  • dm_hangar

    • Removed "_dev" suffix
    • Full artpass with new outer space theme
    • Improved visuals, sounds and clipping
    • New textures and models
    • Improved hallway from toxic room to databank
    • Improved performance
  • dm_control

    • Removed "_dev" suffix
    • Full artpass with new snowy base theme
    • Overhauled visuals and sounds
    • Improved performance
  • dm_boxy

    • Replaced Uber powerup with GIB weapon spawner
    • Fancy new models!
    • Texture updates
    • Minor changes to gameplay flow
    • Updated clipping
    • Added couple more player spawn points
    • Enabled Louie as default announcer
  • dm_painhouse_dev

    • Redone layout
  • duel_geoteknik

    • Full artpass and lots of updates to old detailing
    • A couple of new custom textures
  • dm_dev_itemtest

    • Removed TF2 weapons
    • Increased durations on powerups
    • Updated weapon spawner placement and sounds
    • Added Saw Ballista weapon spawner
    • Added various Mutators
    • Added various unused/WIP weapons
    • Added the unused Uber and Juggernaut power-up
    • Still doesn't have an escape
  • itemtest_experimental

    • Redone DM Area
    • Redone outside
    • Why do I keep editing this map send help
    • Updated weapon spawner sounds


  • dm_hungry
    • We weren't hungry anymore


  • Fixed FMOD audio engine crashing
  • Updated various particle textures
    • Slight change to the bullet tracer texture to fix a clamping issue in some particles
  • Updated Merc's Uber sheen texture
  • Fixed death animations appearing at the map origin point on high latency, instead of at their actual position
  • Added 9 new respawn particle effects and updated existing particles
  • Added new BFG particle effect
  • Removed the GAMEUI code system to ensure better compatibility with future updates to the UI. There is a small chance this may result in teething issues with the game's various menus (main menu, options, create server, etc), as well as with custom HUDs; if you notice any bugs, please report them to the Open Fortress Git issue tracker.
  • New Quad Launcher animations
  • Added the dedicated particle effect for underwater explosions
  • Fixed bots having issues with autobalance in the Infection gamemode
  • Merc's eyes now switch to the correct texture when using the Berserk powerup
  • Phong parameters updated on multiple cosmetics
  • Shield powerup effect bubble is now tinted to match the player's colour


OF Team | January 10, 2023

Tags: News , Updates

We've updated the download page to include a direct download of Open Fortress as a .zip file, for those who want the option now that we're spacing out major content updates. We have also updated the link for the Linux installer to go directly to the murse download on sourcehut, as the video link was confusing for some users. In addition both of these options should download much faster for users in North America, and potentially in other regions as well; our original cluster/load balance setup was routing traffic incorrectly, causing slow download speeds, but this has now been fixed.

Happy fragging!

Update: the wrapper script for Windows users is now compatible with Windows 7! While we strongly recommend you upgrade your OS if you're still running Windows 7 (due to its lack of support for current Windows security updates, which could leave your system vulnerable to attacks and viruses), now you too can enjoy a spot of fragging in the interim. Make sure to check here for how to install if you're running Windows 7!

Release Notes for Revision 12

OF Team | September 28, 2022

Tags: Updates

Please make sure to use the of_install.bat in order to upgrade your game files.

*SERVER OWNERS*: Please ensure you update your servers!


  • Updated Fortunate One's normal map. (Camo Helmet)
  • More updated Bucket Icons.
  • HOPEFULLY fixed Shield Overlay in teammates looking horrible.
  • Fixed MAP CFGS from being truncated.
  • Fixed various crashes.
  • added a few miscellaneous music tracks
  • intermission_ending is now uncommented and can be used


  • Fixed score not setting.
  • Fixed score limit not displaying properly.


  • Updated duel_mulholland (Added missing Meet The Sniper Assets.)
  • Added dm_campway_dev (missing various things such as clipping in areas. Don't report clipping Issues, please. I beg you.)

Keep On Bein' Fabulous!

OF Team | September 22, 2022

Tags: News , Updates

Get your flared pants on, because today’s update drags Open Fortress into the disco age kicking and screaming! After over a year in development, Mulholland - a Duel map set in a state-of-the-art Hollywood recording facility - has been added to the standard OF map rotation, with a full art pass, a suite of custom models and textures, and some groovy new background music. Now you too can blow up your sworn enemies in SoCal’s most stylish music studio! (Just try not to blow up the mixing desks as well, because Mulholland has two of them and they’re $100,000 each. Disco doesn’t come cheap!)

Release Notes for Revision 11

OF Team | September 22, 2022

Tags: Updates

Please make sure to use the "Update" command on the latest version of oftoast or re-run the of_install.bat in order to upgrade your game files.

*SERVER OWNERS*: Please ensure you update your servers!


  • Fixed crash related to maps that do not have music specified. (i.e. dm_rig)
  • Fixed Last Man Standing music for infection.
  • Fixed tf_bot_quota, added tf_bot_quota_mode to behave like TF2 & tf_bot_auto_balance which lets players switch teams if bots can be swapped around to keep balance.
  • of_wait_for_respawn only works in DM Gamemodes/mutators.
  • Re-enabled mutators votes by setting default value to 1.
  • Removed lunge from juggernaunt.
  • Class selection screen has been remade. (Currently broken for 4:3 users)
  • Jug is now part of the all class selection menu.
  • Updated Gungame list.
  • Added noonflow_dev to the mdom mapcycle.
  • Fixed infection respawn bug.
  • Fixed Gun Game using the previous weapon for certain functions on level up.
  • Updated bucket icons.
  • Added the More Vehicles model pack by FGD5.
  • Updated Quad Launcher model.



  • Finished artpass, added new assets to base game.
  • Opened up access door from studio to pool.
  • Replaced lower level poolside balcony with enclosed hut.
  • Extended poolside balcony to reach side door of house.
  • Increased height of doors to prevent players hitting their head when bunnyhopping.
  • Swapped spawn points for super shotgun and nailgun.
  • Swapped spawn points for shield powerup and mega HP powerup.
  • Changed shield from DM version to Duel version.
  • Opened up atrium window next to rooftop player spawn.
  • Removed _dev suffix.

Added new music: “Keep On Bein’ Fabulous”, the #1 hit single by Fabulous Junction


  • Fixed clipbrushes.


  • Fixed missing texture.


  • Fixed weapon pickup models.
  • Updated detailing.
  • Adjusted pickup placements.
  • Adjusted clipping.
  • Bunker door opens now faster after the nuke impact.
  • Minor other changes.

Release Notes for Revision 10

OF Team | September 8, 2022

Tags: Updates

Please make sure to use the "Update" command on the latest version of oftoast in order to upgrade your game files.

*SERVER OWNERS*: Please ensure you update your servers!


  • Fixed issue with duel logic that caused unexpected server crashes on player disconnect.
  • Fixed game mounting issues.
  • Adjusted UVs for lift cables.
  • Fixed advanced options missing in list.
  • Fixed CTFDynamite not cleaning up after itself.
  • Fixed SourceTV not allowing connections.
  • Various improvements to performance.
  • Fixed various Infection gamemode bugs related to timers and custom music.
  • Added ConVar of_duel_powerup_respawn to specify the respawn time of powerups in duel mode (Only takes effect after level change).
  • Added ConVar spec_freeze_showhealth to disable/enable health visiblity in freeze cam.
  • Added ConVar of_headshot_disable_railgun to disable railgun headshots.
  • Added Kritz Kast, Ninja gloves and Detective coat viewmodels.
  • New Cosmetics:
    • Knight set.
    • Updated Quake Ranger set.
    • Burglar set & new vest.
    • Poncho. (Added in the new Misc tab.)
  • Updated Vigilante volume and placeholder lines have been replaced with newly recorded lines.


** New Map **



  • Better visuals
  • Switched weapon placements of Tommy, RL, and GL.


  • Fixed weapon pickup models.
  • Updated detailing.
  • Adjusted pickup placements.
  • Adjusted clipping.
  • Fixed jumppads not working correctly.


  • Fixed weapon pickup models.
  • Updated detailing.
  • Adjusted pickup placements.
  • Adjusted clipping.
  • Fixed jumppads not working correctly.
  • Removed Spawnrooms.
  • Players now start with pistol and a crowbar.

Release Notes for Revision 9

OF Team | September 1, 2022

Tags: Updates

Please make sure to use the "Update" command on the latest version of oftoast in order to upgrade your game files.

*SERVER OWNERS*: Please ensure you update your servers!


  • Fixed crash related to scoreboard medals.
  • Fixed model on dm_painhouse_dev and added temporary music.
  • Reverted announcer override on dm_coaltown because it carried over to following matches.

Welcome to Revision Eight!

OF Team | September 1, 2022

Tags: News , Updates

Who’s that handsome source mod knocking at your front door? Why, it’s Open Fortress, back home after so long spent fighting in the wars - and he’s bought you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, lovingly marinated in a deadly mixture of gunpowder, human blood and rosemary. That’s right - this bouquet is none other than revision eight of Open Fortress, available for download right now!

Ever since we reopened public downloads for OF earlier in the year, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, both refining existing content and adding new stuff too. We know you’ve been eager for more content to help make your fragging experience even more enjoyable, and hopefully this new update will provide just that. Although the full patch notes are too long to feature in this blog post, read on for an extended highlight of just some of the features revision eight brings to the table.

We’re kicking things off with the addition of Mercenary Domination, a new team-based variant of Deathmatch that comes with a handful of maps, both completely new ones and ports of existing maps. If you need an idea of how exactly the mode works, it's kind of like collecting a bunch of adorable beanie babies, and when you hit 100 of them you win! Unfortunately one can never experience the joy of collectible bean plushies nowadays, as these little buddies were discontinued 23 years ago to this day. Sad.

Elsewhere we’ve added a new Mercenary Capture The Flag map, Pagoda, which takes the action to the misty mountains of Japan (thanks in part to E-Arkham and Freyja, whose original Japan Pack assets are now included within OF); and there’s a bunch of other new and updated maps too, including a rainy redux of MVM stalwart Mannhattan for Deathmatch. Duke it out in the biggest apple of them all! (Just pay no attention to the mysterious beeping sounds you may or may not hear above the boiler room.)

But these stomping grounds wouldn’t be much good without some fashionable attire to stomp around in - hence why we’ve also added three new Mercenary cosmetic packs for you to equip. Whether it’s a sleuthy detective, a sneaky ninja or an honorable samurai, these getups are the perfect disguises for when the police come asking about the mysterious flower bouquet explosion that just rocked your neighborhood. (Trust us, they can smell that blood-gunpowder-rosemary mix from a mile away.)

Next up, two new announcers have graciously taken time out of their busy schedules to cross over from other planes of existence and yell at you as you make that perfect bodyshot. Hailing from the dusty corrals of Fistful of Frags, the Vigilante has plenty to say about the strange new modern world he’s found himself in, one with just as much violence to go around but not quite as much whiskey to pass. By contrast, Louie Ficknit - the rambunctious robot host of fellow arena shooter Tomb Fetus - is much more attuned to the thrills and spills of Deathmatch, although he’s admittedly used to less blood being spilled and more confetti. You’d better get ready to bumble, because he’s expecting some good bumbles out of all of you!

And there’s much more - bug fixes, animation improvements, new HUD elements, optimized performance, and many other adjustments. We hope you’ll appreciate all the hard work the OF development team has put in, and we also hope to add many more exciting features to the mod going forward. Enjoy the update and stay tuned!

Release Notes for Revision 8

OF Team | September 1, 2022

Tags: Updates

Please make sure to use the "Update" command on the latest version of oftoast in order to upgrade your game files.

*SERVER OWNERS*: Please ensure you delete from your sdk2013/bin folder!! We have upgraded our codebase and that binary is now obselete.


  • Fixed several server-crashing exploits.
  • Updated mapcycle_default.txt & mapcycle.txt.
  • Fixed oil_door_002 textures.
  • Disabled sapper for TFC Spy.
  • Disabled double jump for TFC Scout.
  • Updated loading tips.
  • Fixed scoreboard on team-based gamemodes.
  • DisableBoneFollowers is set to true by default in the fgd now.
  • Incompatible servers now no longer show in the server list (Make sure you update your servers!).
  • Updated default configs to use higher rates.
  • Updated game icon.
  • Cleaned up some debug messages.
  • Updated sv_showhitboxes note.
  • Added of_fix_random_fall_damage cvar (Default is 1).
  • Fixed First Person animation particles not always getting cleared.
  • Added announcer "Louie Ficknit" from Tomb Fetus, voiced by Jonathan "Stachekip" Biondi.
  • Added announcer "Vigilante" from Fistful of Frags, voiced by Gianni Matragrano.
  • Announcer packs can now be loaded by adding script entries into scripts/announcers.
    • Makes creating custom announcer packs easier and compatible with one another.
    • Official announcers have been moved onto this system (you can use them as a reference).
  • Updated weapon switch HUD:
    • Now displays weapon subcategories from left to right.
    • Old right to left system can be enabled via of_old_subweapon_select.
    • Subcategories exceeding 4 weapons now get moved into multiple rows.
  • Added of_weaponswitch_show_binds, when enabled, weapon switch hud shows your bindings rather than 1-9.
  • Fixed of_showtargetid.
  • Updated kill icons.
  • Quake-style crosshairs added.
  • Added missing music to game_sounds_music.txt.
  • Updated Pirate set and added new puffless jacket.
  • Updated background05 (by blamo and folvaen).
  • Invis powerup no longer uses Merc color in DM.
  • General performance improvements.
  • Votekicking now properly bans player on disconnect.
  • Fixed domination/nemesis medals on scoreboard.
  • Added new cosmetics:
    • Detective set (hat, trench coat).
    • Ninja set (hood, gi, gloves).
    • Samurai set (kabuto, menpo).
  • Updated buff arms cosmetic.
  • Added player spray muting command: mute_player_spray & unmute_player_spray.
  • Updated advanced options to include more commands.
  • Added server cvar "net_chan_proctime_limit_ms", to control the amount of time clients are allowed to make the server spend processing their network packets, per tick.
  • Added SteamID spoofing prevention.


  • Updated revolver animations.
  • Updated Tommy Gun animations.
  • Updated Railgun animations.
  • Updated China Lake animations and textures.
  • Softzoom added for flamethrower.
  • Chainsaw now has a working idle sound.
  • Railgun will not slow down Merc when he scopes in.
  • Fixed Gatling Gun Secondary Fire Bugs.
  • Potentially fixed Quad launcher laser guiding.
  • Tweaked crit effect for AR & dynamite bundle.
  • Lightning Gun no longer uses bounding box.
  • DM Flamethrower firerate has been restored to stock amount.
  • DM Flamethrower now is called "tf_weapon_flamethrower_mercenary" and TF2's flamethrower is now once again "tf_weapon_flamethrower". [Mappers will need to update their maps to fix this]


**New Maps**

dm_casino_dev, duel_geoteknik, dm_acrophobopolis_dev, duel_frostbyte_dev, duel_salvage_dev, mctf_pagoda_dev, dm_mannworks, duel_adrift, mdom_pagoda_dev, mdom_badworks_dev, mdom_wiseau, mdom_reservoir, dm_painhouse


  • Updated spawners to use correct weapons.


  • Added thumbnail.


  • Restored to the correct version.
  • Fixed missing clipping near rock.
  • Shortened player clipping near a rooftop.
  • Fixed a broken sign.
  • Updated render distance for a rock.
  • Fixed an issue with several props disappearing while still in sight.
  • Reduced clipping of rooftop (houses flamethrower) to prevent colliding while attempting to blast jump or bunny hop.
  • Small optimizations.


  • Removed "dev" suffix from dm_cargo.bsp.
  • Updated out-of-bounds and skybox detailing.
  • Added proper waiting and intro music using a new version of Sneaky Stalker.
  • Added menu photos.
  • Added map description.
  • Updated art pass for second floor breakroom area.
  • Updated exterior art pass for out-of-bounds areas.
  • Implemented 3D skybox with help from Mac, still a heavy work-in-progress.
  • Moved the Lena graffiti to outside the playable area.
  • Minor clipping updates.
  • Minor out-of-bounds detailing updates.


  • Reverted the large health kit back to mega health.
  • Optimized the entire map.
  • Added the lobster waiting music into sounds_music.
  • Kritz and speed powerup now last 30 seconds each.
  • Added some small health kits in areas devoid of any health.
  • Adjusted some details (mostly from changing geo to help optimize).
  • Added some particles.
  • Added some details.
  • Made some areas brighter.
  • Added clipping on the curbs that were lacking it.
  • Fixed wrong render fx on speed powerup.


  • Redone all the visuals.
  • Redone a lot of clipping.
  • Added loading screen.
  • Added new thumbnail.
  • Redone map photos.


  • Redone art pass.
  • Scaling fixes.
  • Minor layout changes.


  • Added more details to the map overall.
  • Made top connecting hall way into a room.
  • Improved soundscape.
  • Aged the map some years.
  • Connected blu and red spawn through teleporters.

OFToast Release 0.3.99

brysondev | September 1, 2022

Tags: Updates

A new minor version of oftoast has been prepared and is ready for release, going forward, please make sure you use this version of oftoast.


- General improvements.
- Console is opened with launcher.
- Uses steam environment when launching (thanks jan)
- Advanced options are respected on launch without needing to open the advanced box again.
- Credits! Click on the toast for them.


SHA-256 Checksum:

6ff432d0bde47d7d553ec997d4a49ae92c3962c1f3a2b324f913c12803661cf6 oftoast-0.3.99.exe

RSS Feed Now Available!

brysondev | August 29, 2022

Tags: Updates

Hello All,

As some of you may have requested, we now have a proper RSS feed for you to grab from for your bots and such!

If you run into any issues with it, feel free to ping bryson on the public Open Fortress discord server.



OFToast Release 0.3.4

brysondev | August 12, 2022

Tags: Updates

A new minor version of oftoast has been prepared and is ready for release, going forward, please make sure you use this version of oftoast.


- Fixed DNS resolution issues for some users.
- Application now stops on first error.


SHA-256 Checksum:

0084518ce5b11e9731ff9b5b2c4784bcb79b41658e8c268131c6d31a2214abea oftoast-0.3.4.exe

ffa19e1317e5cb7096341f8541f90f1f4cd0e9023a26c3c8a53cc79a70d16283 oftoast-0.3.4-linux.bin

OFToast 0.3.3 Release

brysondev | July 29, 2022

Tags: Updates

A new minor version of oftoast has been prepared and is ready for release, going forward, please make sure you use this version of oftoast.


- Possibly fixed issue where application would freeze/hang on windows. ~Intcoms


SHA-256 Checksum:

8a75784908af98a09c4fd5b8b2ac3e5e58bfea22f085b2755bb9bca2e02cfdb4 oftoast-0.3.3.exe

191fd81bab19a6d0f79d6317a746732cbfcdec29bceed86e575db9770c79ef0c oftoast-0.3.3-linux.bin

OFToast 0.3.2 Release

brysondev | July 21, 2022

Tags: Updates

A new minor version of oftoast has been prepared and is ready for release, going forward, please make sure you use this version of oftoast.


- Stability improvements.
- Improved error logging.


SHA-256 Checksum:

4b7b6b903c62187b1dfabe63587061b909de73341baaef5aab7fde57f97e86ff oftoast-0.3.2-linux.bin

1f67f0951698097979ac410462700cdc6c25a6ae0ab4cd9742ac25a224c32e72 oftoast-0.3.2.exe

OFToast 0.3.1 Release

brysondev | June 22, 2022

Tags: Updates , Coming Soon

The bread-and-condiment division of Open Fortress is proud to present a once-in-a-lunchtime improvement to the OF installation process. Introducing the LARGER THAN LOAF update!

This update is a rework of OFtoast, Open Fortress’ own dedicated launcher, and is split into two parts, the first of which releases today!

OFtoast 0.3 (codename “Home Improvement”) This part of the update, out now, features an all-new redesign of OFtoast's UI, intended to make the process as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Other features include an advanced options menu, a more reliable backend, support for custom installation paths, and a swanky soundtrack - click the unmute button to toggle new music from Mattie and home-made toaster noises from myself. And did we mention we've now added the ability to launch the game? That’s right - the launcher finally launches!

OFtoast 0.4 (codename “Rei’s Kitchen Sink”) This part of the update, coming soon, will take advantage of the backend implemented in 0.3 to make the OF download process faster, less error-prone and less intensive on our servers, and will also feature more customization options for advanced users including custom launch parameters. More juicy technical details to follow!

19cc82e7c58f7a11e99df33828a179825c4aed5787279af1bc34ff30f6731b3d oftoast-0.3.1.exe

6ec7560805d12c31382459dd922564500deae96ce298095a951bb884d93710e3 oftoast-0.3.1-linux.bin