Revision 19!!

OF Team | August 11, 2023

Revision 18

OF Team | August 11, 2023

Revision 17, Hotfixes!

OF Team | July 31, 2023


Release Notes for Revision 13

OF Team | February 8, 2023

Tags: Updates

Make sure to update by either downloading the zip or use the batch program.


  • Added the Saw Ballista! A brand new superweapon that fires powerful saws, able to cut through enemies like butter and bounce off walls!
    • Currently spawning on two maps: dm_campway_dev and dm_angeles_dev
    • Still WIP, make sure to give feedback!
  • Shotgun now has its proper "reload start" stat enabled, meaning players will now start their reload faster
    • Merc also properly pumps the shotgun when firing
  • Players will no longer receive ammo from weapon spawners if they already own the weapon in question
    • This feature can be re-enabled by setting the of_spawners_resupply server cvar to 1
  • When using the Berserk powerup, players are now able to reflect projectiles with well-timed swings!
    • Includes kill icons!
  • Mapcycles lists has been updated


  • mctf_august_dev
  • mctf_obzen_dev
  • mctf_badworks_dev
  • dm_angeles_dev
  • dm_auxiliary_dev
  • dm_facility_dev


  • dm_campway_dev

    • Added Saw Ballista weapon spawner
  • dm_hangar

    • Removed "_dev" suffix
    • Full artpass with new outer space theme
    • Improved visuals, sounds and clipping
    • New textures and models
    • Improved hallway from toxic room to databank
    • Improved performance
  • dm_control

    • Removed "_dev" suffix
    • Full artpass with new snowy base theme
    • Overhauled visuals and sounds
    • Improved performance
  • dm_boxy

    • Replaced Uber powerup with GIB weapon spawner
    • Fancy new models!
    • Texture updates
    • Minor changes to gameplay flow
    • Updated clipping
    • Added couple more player spawn points
    • Enabled Louie as default announcer
  • dm_painhouse_dev

    • Redone layout
  • duel_geoteknik

    • Full artpass and lots of updates to old detailing
    • A couple of new custom textures
  • dm_dev_itemtest

    • Removed TF2 weapons
    • Increased durations on powerups
    • Updated weapon spawner placement and sounds
    • Added Saw Ballista weapon spawner
    • Added various Mutators
    • Added various unused/WIP weapons
    • Added the unused Uber and Juggernaut power-up
    • Still doesn't have an escape
  • itemtest_experimental

    • Redone DM Area
    • Redone outside
    • Why do I keep editing this map send help
    • Updated weapon spawner sounds


  • dm_hungry
    • We weren't hungry anymore


  • Fixed FMOD audio engine crashing
  • Updated various particle textures
    • Slight change to the bullet tracer texture to fix a clamping issue in some particles
  • Updated Merc's Uber sheen texture
  • Fixed death animations appearing at the map origin point on high latency, instead of at their actual position
  • Added 9 new respawn particle effects and updated existing particles
  • Added new BFG particle effect
  • Removed the GAMEUI code system to ensure better compatibility with future updates to the UI. There is a small chance this may result in teething issues with the game's various menus (main menu, options, create server, etc), as well as with custom HUDs; if you notice any bugs, please report them to the Open Fortress Git issue tracker.
  • New Quad Launcher animations
  • Added the dedicated particle effect for underwater explosions
  • Fixed bots having issues with autobalance in the Infection gamemode
  • Merc's eyes now switch to the correct texture when using the Berserk powerup
  • Phong parameters updated on multiple cosmetics
  • Shield powerup effect bubble is now tinted to match the player's colour