Revision 18

OF Team | August 11, 2023

Revision 17, Hotfixes!

OF Team | July 31, 2023


OF Team | July 31, 2023


Release Notes for Revision 11

OF Team | September 22, 2022

Tags: Updates

Please make sure to use the "Update" command on the latest version of oftoast or re-run the of_install.bat in order to upgrade your game files.

*SERVER OWNERS*: Please ensure you update your servers!


  • Fixed crash related to maps that do not have music specified. (i.e. dm_rig)
  • Fixed Last Man Standing music for infection.
  • Fixed tf_bot_quota, added tf_bot_quota_mode to behave like TF2 & tf_bot_auto_balance which lets players switch teams if bots can be swapped around to keep balance.
  • of_wait_for_respawn only works in DM Gamemodes/mutators.
  • Re-enabled mutators votes by setting default value to 1.
  • Removed lunge from juggernaunt.
  • Class selection screen has been remade. (Currently broken for 4:3 users)
  • Jug is now part of the all class selection menu.
  • Updated Gungame list.
  • Added noonflow_dev to the mdom mapcycle.
  • Fixed infection respawn bug.
  • Fixed Gun Game using the previous weapon for certain functions on level up.
  • Updated bucket icons.
  • Added the More Vehicles model pack by FGD5.
  • Updated Quad Launcher model.



  • Finished artpass, added new assets to base game.
  • Opened up access door from studio to pool.
  • Replaced lower level poolside balcony with enclosed hut.
  • Extended poolside balcony to reach side door of house.
  • Increased height of doors to prevent players hitting their head when bunnyhopping.
  • Swapped spawn points for super shotgun and nailgun.
  • Swapped spawn points for shield powerup and mega HP powerup.
  • Changed shield from DM version to Duel version.
  • Opened up atrium window next to rooftop player spawn.
  • Removed _dev suffix.

Added new music: “Keep On Bein’ Fabulous”, the #1 hit single by Fabulous Junction


  • Fixed clipbrushes.


  • Fixed missing texture.


  • Fixed weapon pickup models.
  • Updated detailing.
  • Adjusted pickup placements.
  • Adjusted clipping.
  • Bunker door opens now faster after the nuke impact.
  • Minor other changes.