Revision 18

OF Team | August 11, 2023

Revision 17, Hotfixes!

OF Team | July 31, 2023


OF Team | July 31, 2023


Release Notes for Revision 15

OF Team | March 26, 2023

Tags: Updates

Make sure to update by using the batch program or the zips.


  • Fix a bug where cosmetics go invisible while swapping from in-eye to chase cam in spectator mode
    • Note: This may still happen on rare occasions, we will look further into it if necessary
  • Fixed schema (and custom) weapons having client/server mismatches
  • Fixed Duel config from not executing last in the ordered list (See [MISC] section for order)
  • Berserk no longer shows quickswitch list while equipped
  • Duel should no longer have any HUD elements break and freeze on screen (for real this time)
  • Fix empty super weapons being dropped and picked up


  • Announcers have now been moved to use FMOD, meaning their volume is seperate from the game with the command "snd_announcervolume"
  • No more "white painted" truck model
  • Added FGD5's updated vehicles
  • Ubercharge's U fixed
  • Quad Launcher now have a better physics model and corrected bone when mounted on merc's back
  • Merc's crowbar is no longer colored when invis
  • In-game tips now change every level change


  • Add air step-up/up-warping to ledges with "sv_airstepsize"
  • Nerfed Saw Ballista's ammo count (16 down to 10)
  • In CTF and derivatives:
    • Added flag return on touch by default
    • Added cvar "of_capture_on_away" for handling flag captures when team's flag is away from base (enabled by default; to disable flag captures when home flag is away, change to 0)


  • Removed "mp_fraglimit" from "default_global_config"
    • Server Owners! The configs in "cfg" work as follows: server.cfg -> default_global_config -> global_config -> default_gamemode_config -> gamemode_config
  • Added "tf_bot_join_after_player" cvar
  • "of_duel_winlimit" set to 1 by default
    • This means duel winners will be rotated off immediately, allowing the next two players in queue to play. Set this to 0 in the "config_duel.cfg" to revert


  • "func_plat" added
  • Added Armor filter
  • Jumppads now have a "reducebackwards" option
    • Reduce air accelaration when walking against them, you can now walk onto jumppads facing opposite of you without being shot directly up in the air
  • Removed the default sounds in the FGD
  • Added support for custom pickup sounds, will revert to default if empty or using another's pickup's sound


  • pagoda_dev has been overhauled

    • Overall improvements to aesthetics and brushwork, with a focus on curves and spirals
    • The layout has been redesigned with both MCTF and MDOM in mind
    • The islands over the deathpit have expanded to make room for more interesting fights and a capture point
    • The waterfall cave has been expanded for more interesting fights and room for a capture point
    • The Quad Launcher has been replaced with the Saw Ballista
    • MCTF specific changes:
      • The bases now have a clear high ground watching the entrance and flag room
      • Flag room is open and easy to get in but tough to get out
      • There is a Saw Ballista on the islands near the pagoda
      • Teleporters on the deathpit side take players onto the balcony of the base
    • MDOM specific changes:
      • The 4 capture points have been reduced to 3
      • The 2 capture points inside the bases have been removed
      • Points are now located on the island, inside the pagoda and inside the cave
      • Players will always spawn in their own base, instead of spawning everywhere on the map
      • No superweapon for MDOM
      • Flag rooms have been blocked off for MDOM
      • Teleporters on the deathpit side take players onto the island capture point
  • dm_angeles_dev

    • Shuffled weapon spawns around and added a few more
    • Tightened up gameplay spaces
    • Added new teleporter taking the player from the first office floor to the second
    • Added beach ball to the pool
    • Adjusted saw ballista spawn time to 90 seconds from 75
  • dm_campway_dev

    • Minor edits to skybox
    • Fixed seams near china lake
    • Replaced full ammo pack with Megahealth
    • Slightly changed saw ballista placement
    • Updated saw ballista spawn times by a few seconds