Playtest wave 2: Electric Boogaloo

OF Team | February 24, 2024

Happy birthday to us all!

OF Team | February 14, 2024


OF Team | December 25, 2023


Revision 19!!

OF Team | August 11, 2023

Tags: News , Updates


  • Updated FMOD to newer version

  • Enabled FMOD debug mode

  • SourceMod now officially supports Open Fortress


  • Big projectile and Explosion update

    • Changed how blastjump knockback is stored
      • Now saved separately from damage
      • Self damage reduction or increase now doesn't affect it anymore
        • Shield now properly protects you, without sacrificing blast jump height
      • Fixes weapons like the China lake doing more self damage than intended
    • Changed how collision detection is handled
      • Should be more consistent across the board now
      • All damage is now done from the PROJECTILE'S team, rather than the shooters, which fixes changing teams allowing for friendly fire
    • Changed how visuals are networked
      • Visual information should now be stored in the projectile itself, which fixes edge cases where the weapon is deleted after a projectile is fired
  • Added self damage stat for weapons

    • Reduced Gravity gauntlets self damage
  • Wait to respawn no longer works in duel

  • Re-implemented bot_spawner entity


  • Added patch version to the main menu

  • Added "include_res" option to res files

    • Allows a res file to include another res file within itself ( With depth support )
    • To use, create a "include_res" container anywhere in your res file, ex:
                "include" "resource/ui/foreground.res"
                "include" "resource/ui/background.res"
  • Added edit_line_number parameter to combo box

    • Set the number of items in the dropdown menu.
  • Added command to open the loadout menu while In-Game open_charinfo_direct

  • Main menu submenus are now precached and will only load once, so opening and closing them should be faster now


  • Fixed "map" command no showing the loading screen when used
  • Fixed loading dialog not closing upon being disconnected
  • Fixed options menu and server browser lingering in the background after being deselected
  • Fixed Lockdown bots counting towards balance
  • Fixed Lockdown bots not thinking
  • Fixed bots forgetting how to put one leg after the other every other tick
  • Fixed bots ignoring players in FFA entirely
    • They still have a small FOV and don't look around often
  • Fixed Spectators "ragequitting" duel matches
  • Fixed certain weapons causing the crit sound to play on loop when headshotting
  • Fixed projectiles hitting teammates if the shooter changed team midway through
  • Fixed Flamethrower and GIB AOE not hitting teammates with friendlyfire
  • Fixed projectile visuals like explosions using the wrong effects if the weapon is removed early
  • Fixed cl_quickzoom_out_time and cl_quickzoom_in_time not being clientside
  • Fixed jitter when colliding with players in FFA
  • Fixed jitter when colliding with teammates when of_teamplay_collision is enabled
  • Fixed superweapons not dissolving
  • Fixed Shotgun not having the two extra reload sounds that were erroneously removed at some point


  • Updated libcurl version, fixing a major security flaw
  • Added few more failsafes to prevent FMOD Play sound from crashing
  • Base class information for bot_spawner bots is now also precached, which should reduce lag on first spawn
  • Fixed crashes related to animation handling
  • Cleaned up how class precache is handled
  • Minor crash fixes related to bots
  • Quickzoom is now more stable on high ping scenarios



  • Reset length to from 60 to 30 seconds and decreased respawn time on invisibility, shield, and duel shield powerups.
  • Expanded the yellow section
  • Completely remade the green section to fit circular gameplay better.
  • Removed the elevator for now (will most likely be back in a future version)
  • New slipgate from the yellow section’s display case to the catwalk over the blue section.
  • Added various health and ammo pickups across the map
  • Added more spawn points
  • Much better lighting
  • More artpass progress
  • Included navmesh for bot pathfinding


  • Reworked the indoors Office section
    • Now less cramped and more spacious
  • Reworked haste powerup room
  • Rest of the map scaled down for sake of flow
  • Adjusted the angling of some slopes on the B-side of the map for better flow
  • Added a new route into the fan room


With this update comes Official support from SourceMod. To use SourceMod now, you simply need to get the latest version off of their website:

Alongside this version of OF-Tools, which is much more lightweight: