Playtest wave 2: Electric Boogaloo

OF Team | February 24, 2024

Happy birthday to us all!

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OF Team | December 25, 2023


Release Notes for Revision 8

OF Team | September 1, 2022

Tags: Updates

Please make sure to use the "Update" command on the latest version of oftoast in order to upgrade your game files.

*SERVER OWNERS*: Please ensure you delete from your sdk2013/bin folder!! We have upgraded our codebase and that binary is now obselete.


  • Fixed several server-crashing exploits.
  • Updated mapcycle_default.txt & mapcycle.txt.
  • Fixed oil_door_002 textures.
  • Disabled sapper for TFC Spy.
  • Disabled double jump for TFC Scout.
  • Updated loading tips.
  • Fixed scoreboard on team-based gamemodes.
  • DisableBoneFollowers is set to true by default in the fgd now.
  • Incompatible servers now no longer show in the server list (Make sure you update your servers!).
  • Updated default configs to use higher rates.
  • Updated game icon.
  • Cleaned up some debug messages.
  • Updated sv_showhitboxes note.
  • Added of_fix_random_fall_damage cvar (Default is 1).
  • Fixed First Person animation particles not always getting cleared.
  • Added announcer "Louie Ficknit" from Tomb Fetus, voiced by Jonathan "Stachekip" Biondi.
  • Added announcer "Vigilante" from Fistful of Frags, voiced by Gianni Matragrano.
  • Announcer packs can now be loaded by adding script entries into scripts/announcers.
    • Makes creating custom announcer packs easier and compatible with one another.
    • Official announcers have been moved onto this system (you can use them as a reference).
  • Updated weapon switch HUD:
    • Now displays weapon subcategories from left to right.
    • Old right to left system can be enabled via of_old_subweapon_select.
    • Subcategories exceeding 4 weapons now get moved into multiple rows.
  • Added of_weaponswitch_show_binds, when enabled, weapon switch hud shows your bindings rather than 1-9.
  • Fixed of_showtargetid.
  • Updated kill icons.
  • Quake-style crosshairs added.
  • Added missing music to game_sounds_music.txt.
  • Updated Pirate set and added new puffless jacket.
  • Updated background05 (by blamo and folvaen).
  • Invis powerup no longer uses Merc color in DM.
  • General performance improvements.
  • Votekicking now properly bans player on disconnect.
  • Fixed domination/nemesis medals on scoreboard.
  • Added new cosmetics:
    • Detective set (hat, trench coat).
    • Ninja set (hood, gi, gloves).
    • Samurai set (kabuto, menpo).
  • Updated buff arms cosmetic.
  • Added player spray muting command: mute_player_spray & unmute_player_spray.
  • Updated advanced options to include more commands.
  • Added server cvar "net_chan_proctime_limit_ms", to control the amount of time clients are allowed to make the server spend processing their network packets, per tick.
  • Added SteamID spoofing prevention.


  • Updated revolver animations.
  • Updated Tommy Gun animations.
  • Updated Railgun animations.
  • Updated China Lake animations and textures.
  • Softzoom added for flamethrower.
  • Chainsaw now has a working idle sound.
  • Railgun will not slow down Merc when he scopes in.
  • Fixed Gatling Gun Secondary Fire Bugs.
  • Potentially fixed Quad launcher laser guiding.
  • Tweaked crit effect for AR & dynamite bundle.
  • Lightning Gun no longer uses bounding box.
  • DM Flamethrower firerate has been restored to stock amount.
  • DM Flamethrower now is called "tf_weapon_flamethrower_mercenary" and TF2's flamethrower is now once again "tf_weapon_flamethrower". [Mappers will need to update their maps to fix this]


**New Maps**

dm_casino_dev, duel_geoteknik, dm_acrophobopolis_dev, duel_frostbyte_dev, duel_salvage_dev, mctf_pagoda_dev, dm_mannworks, duel_adrift, mdom_pagoda_dev, mdom_badworks_dev, mdom_wiseau, mdom_reservoir, dm_painhouse


  • Updated spawners to use correct weapons.


  • Added thumbnail.


  • Restored to the correct version.
  • Fixed missing clipping near rock.
  • Shortened player clipping near a rooftop.
  • Fixed a broken sign.
  • Updated render distance for a rock.
  • Fixed an issue with several props disappearing while still in sight.
  • Reduced clipping of rooftop (houses flamethrower) to prevent colliding while attempting to blast jump or bunny hop.
  • Small optimizations.


  • Removed "dev" suffix from dm_cargo.bsp.
  • Updated out-of-bounds and skybox detailing.
  • Added proper waiting and intro music using a new version of Sneaky Stalker.
  • Added menu photos.
  • Added map description.
  • Updated art pass for second floor breakroom area.
  • Updated exterior art pass for out-of-bounds areas.
  • Implemented 3D skybox with help from Mac, still a heavy work-in-progress.
  • Moved the Lena graffiti to outside the playable area.
  • Minor clipping updates.
  • Minor out-of-bounds detailing updates.


  • Reverted the large health kit back to mega health.
  • Optimized the entire map.
  • Added the lobster waiting music into sounds_music.
  • Kritz and speed powerup now last 30 seconds each.
  • Added some small health kits in areas devoid of any health.
  • Adjusted some details (mostly from changing geo to help optimize).
  • Added some particles.
  • Added some details.
  • Made some areas brighter.
  • Added clipping on the curbs that were lacking it.
  • Fixed wrong render fx on speed powerup.


  • Redone all the visuals.
  • Redone a lot of clipping.
  • Added loading screen.
  • Added new thumbnail.
  • Redone map photos.


  • Redone art pass.
  • Scaling fixes.
  • Minor layout changes.


  • Added more details to the map overall.
  • Made top connecting hall way into a room.
  • Improved soundscape.
  • Aged the map some years.
  • Connected blu and red spawn through teleporters.