Playtest wave 2: Electric Boogaloo

OF Team | February 24, 2024

Happy birthday to us all!

OF Team | February 14, 2024


OF Team | December 25, 2023


Revision 17, Hotfixes!

OF Team | July 31, 2023

Tags: Updates


  • Updated how Third person is handled to no longer Break angles in some scenarios
  • Updated DM sound cues to also play in objective Merc modes


  • Fixed game freeze during load times when the game is reopening itself
  • Fixed null pointer crash related to missing Local player when playing announcer sounds
  • Fixed Announcer entity not clearing itself from memory after deletion
  • Fixed saw ballista not hitting the shooter in team modes
  • Fixed null pointer crash related to bots in CTF
  • Fixed null pointer crash related to the DM Rocketlauncher act table


  • Fixed certain systems experiencing Assert messages
  • Lessened reloading of the main menu video, improving stability
  • Fixed capture point hud having missing textures for upwards captured capture points
  • Fixed capture point text being white regardless of background
  • Fixed forced class switches in Escort or Infection not factoring in class limits
  • Fixed arsenal resupply not properly reselecting your weapons
  • Fixed the player movement freeze being the opposite of the winscreen ratio setting


  • Reordered DM Pistol sequences to better support older mods
  • Replaced the old melee kill voiceline with a cool new one
    (consider this a small sample of whats to come)


  • Added a new style for the long-sleeved default shirt: Camoless


  • Updated Painhouse
    • Removed "_dev" suffix
    • Improved performance
    • Added map info images
    • Added spectator camera spots