Playtest wave 2: Electric Boogaloo

OF Team | February 24, 2024

Happy birthday to us all!

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OF Team | July 31, 2023

Tags: News , Community Spotlight

Calling all mercenaries! The eggheads over at R&D have been looking for new ways to expand our horizons, all in order to best demonstrate our firepower on all fronts both physical and digital, and to let the criminal underworld know this: We. Mean. Business. Long story short, we just discovered this new-fangled "YouTube" thing, and by then it had occurred to us that we now have the technology to show off some of our strongest mercenaries we've got to offer! While at the same time, catching instances of goons goofing around on the job, just for that false sense of security if one were to enlist. Which is why we need YOU!

Yes, that's right. It's about damn time to show this world what you're really made of. Whether you're a godly ass-kicker, or a goofy goober, there's always room for a merc like you! If you've got what it takes, then march right on over to [email protected] and hand over YOUR clips, all for the chance at being showcased in one of our future broadcasts. Now GO! MOVE IT!

(In layman's terms: Send us your clips, whether they're cool frags or assortments of funny moments, and we'll put em' in compilations on our official Youtube channel.)


intcoms | July 30, 2023

Tags: Behind the Scenes

...You're probably thinking, "another downloading tool? this is what, the 4th one?!"

Well it's not without reason. This tool is a stopgap, if you will, between the remnants of our previous two solutions and our next one.

We wanted something that'd help all our current users to update, so with some assistance from our friends over at TF2c, we've been able to put together a temporary solution that should help you update smoothly, regardless of what revision you're currently on. This will also smooth the transition to our new solution which hasn't been completed yet.

Now the reason why that next solution isn't done is due to our commitment to making sure it works perfectly, and due to the scope of the project.

This won't just be for Open Fortress. This'll be for several sourcemods, fixing the downloading solution once and for all. It might be a moonshot but we're aiming for the stars here. Stay tuned for that, but in the mean time, enjoy the new update!

Q: What happened to OFToast II?

A: Unfortunately, OFToast II has been cancelled due to several reasons, mainly stability, efficiency, and the existence of better solutions. Its true replacement however is better, and will be coming soon, hopefully.

Q: What's this new one then?

A: If you're familiar with TF2C's installer then this may look familiar - it's based off of that.

Q: Where's the source code?

A: Here!

Q: Why is it called beans?

A: I'll leave that for you to figure out.

Happy fragging,


Revision 16, Erectin' a Sentry!

OF Team | July 30, 2023

Tags: Updates


Added automatic crash reporting!

  • On first boot, the game will ask you if you agree to sending anonymous reports on crash
  • The only identifiable info sent is your SteamID, more info on

    For some time now we've been concerned about the stability of the game, however internal tests can only help so much, so gathering crash scenarios from the public will be a massive help

Added of_dom_scorelimit_multiplier ConVar

  • Multiplies points need to win in (mercenary) Domination

Added dynamic spawner time settings:

  • of_spawners_dynamic_max_mult - The value weapon spawner respawn times get multiplied by at max player count
  • of_spawners_dynamic_player_start_count - The player count at which
    dynamic weapon spawner times start
  • of_spawners_dynamic_player_max_count - The player count at which
    dynamic weapon spawner times reach their max multiplier

We saw that servers with a larger player cap often ran weaponstay to combat the issue of not enough weapons for that larger player count, however, that deminished the player experience at low to medium player counts, these convars are meant to solve this issue

Added sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed

  • Enables/Disables vote kicks

Fixed crash related to picking up the Flag in DM
Fixed jump pad related server crash
Fixed some memory allocation errors related to music
Fixed undefined behavior related to trigger_touch and teleports that caused velocity to not be preserved
Cleaned up some console error messages


Updated melee reflection to be more lenient
Fixed use_fire not properly selecting the Deathmatch Flamethrower


Added new cosmetics:

  • PF2 Crossover!
    • Old School shirt
    • Old School Pants
  • Emblem shirt
  • The Nostalgic nades - Textures WIP
  • The Mighty harness - Textures WIP

Added new styles for The Suit jacket
Updated Camoless pants textures
Updated Burglar shirt cosmetic

Added indicators for which items come from crossovers in the Loadout menu

Fixed many inconsistencies and errors in cosmetic material functions


  • Added new dev map dm_fotia_dev
    • Fight atop the roof of a seemingly abandoned office complex. Be sure to avoid falling off though.
  • Added new dev map dm_marine_dev
    • Dive deep into this underwater base, and get lost in its corridors as vast as the ocean
  • Added new dev map dm_trisect_dev
    • Several other mercenaries have broken in to this mysterious facility and they aren’t gonna let you leave without a fight. Maintain control over each of the three sectors to ensure your survival.
  • Added new dev map mpush_tycoon_dev
    • Experience the Push gamemode once again in this up and coming map, just try not to go the wrong way, dongus
  • Added new version of angeles, MDOM_angeles_dev!
    • Fight for your team and take the occasional saw blade to the chest with this new twist to the MDOM formula - a series of sequentially unlocking and locking control points that takes players around the streets and alleys of downtown Los Angeles!

Updated DM Angeles:

  • Added Mega powerup in the office
  • Reworked office second floor to be tighter
  • Added 2 jump pads into the office first floor, one replacing the teleporter in the loading dock
  • Added surfable and trimpable surfaces
  • Added a lot of road sign props around the map
  • Fine tuned jump pads and overall geometry
  • Added a tribute for the concerningly large group dedicated to crashing the server every time dm_angeles_dev is played with the power of a mere beach ball

Updated Casino:

  • Added New slot machine models made by Wendy
  • Added place holder signage
  • Added new route going down to the parking area
  • Streamlined some areas
  • Added jump pad going up to the lightning gun level
  • Added new vent path going to the revolver
  • Switched around railgun and ar spawns
  • New detail added around parking area and upper levels of the building
  • New hotel building (might expand layout area into it in the future)
  • Doors are now higher to help stop head bumping
  • Moved full ammo from bottom of the stairwell dead end into its own new area up further

Updated Grain:

  • Made many small doors taller to stop head bonking
  • Lowered the displacement on the lower tommygun spawn to stop head bonking
  • Widened the door above the lower shotgun
  • Replaced the ladder next to the lower shotgun with a jump pad
  • Gave the kritz spawn a 20 second spawn delay at the start of the match
  • Pushed one of the containers next to the chaingun spawn so it doesn't stick out
  • Swapped the rocket launcher and flamethrower spawns
  • Replaced all climbable ladder models with the default open fortress ladder model
  • Moved spawns that were directly next to each other to be further apart

Updated Painhouse:

  • Updated layout
  • Added Mostly-complete artpass by Waugh101
  • New map info

Updated Thames:

  • Optimization pass
  • Replaced stock flamethrower pickup with DM flamethrower
  • Added second rocket launcher spawn point on lower level embankment
  • Added jump pad from lower level gardens to hotel atrium
  • Replaced double decker bus ladder with jump pad, allowing for easier access to existing rocket launcher spawn
  • Made it easier to jump onto lower level embankment jump pad
  • Added ramp on eastern side of gardens for smoother bunnyhopping
  • Added decals for pill spawn points
  • Increased volume of underground train
  • Replaced photo of Soldier on bulletin board newspaper texture with photo of Mercenary
  • Various other visual/quality of life improvements

Updated Facility:

  • Added incomplete artpass

Updated Mulholland:

  • Minor clipping and visual fixes

Fixed cubemaps on dm_campway_dev

Discontinued dm_siberia_dev
Removed dm_watchtower for the moment due to overwhelmingly negative reception


Added new WIP Chaingun model

The previous iteration of the chaingun model didn't quite hit the notes we wanted it to, so we've been working on a new model that hopefully gets the idea we had across

Updated Nailgun model, special thanks to the Pre-Fortress 2 team!
Updated China Lake grenade model

We've been working on updating the china lake to make it feel more chunky and in line with it's power, for now, you can experience the grenades of it

Updated Saw ballista projectiles to rotate their model when they bounce

Updated animations for the following weapons:

  • Merc's Pistol
  • Berserk
  • Zombie claws

Fixed jitter in the dynamite bundle animation

Updated some of berserk's sound effects
Updated nail gun draw sound

Updated now playing HUD element to support team colors
Fixed an issue where 3D Class model pose would not properly adjust in minmode


Updated Bots' birth certificate


Ported over func_flagdetectionzone
Added a variety of carpet materials for mappers to use, by MacD11
Added kitty and bunny cutouts for mappers to use, by HypnOS
Added radiator prop for mappers to use, by iiboharz
Added garbage can prop for mappers to use, by Wheat
Added many roadsign props for mappers to use, by Applecakey
Added new variation of spytech doorframe, by Wheat
Added assets from bonesaw ( hacksaw event ), courtesy of Diva Dan

Updated jumppads to require additional confirmation in order to use "No aircontrol" setting

Many mappers started overusing this setting in places where they didn't need to, the amount of maps with this issue has reached a critical amount to the point where we decided to retroactively disable them all

Updated the gameplay zoo

We Want You! (To Join Our Team)

OF Team | April 16, 2023

Tags: News , Behind the Scenes

Listen! Can you hear that in the distance? The sound of marching, the sound of a hundred pairs of boots in formation, the sound of a certain gravel-voiced drill instructor barking commands? That’s the sound of us coming to get you, because we want you - not to court martial you for war crimes (although we’re collecting some compelling evidence on that front), but to recruit you. That’s right: applications to join the Open Fortress development team are now open!

You can apply to contribute to any part of the development process, from the creative to the technical, from the gameplay-related to the promotional - although at the moment we’re particularly interested in recruiting new programmers, 3D modellers and music composers. But no matter your speciality, if you feel you’ve got what it takes, get your butt to the application form and get typing. Who knows - soon enough you too could be a valued and vital member of the team, helping to bring Open Fortress out of the basic training that is alpha and into the flying colors of beta, full release, and beyond!

Right now, we are especially eager to scout out for new programmers to help bring our game together swiftly and successfully. So if you know how to separate lines of code from the frontlines in the trenches, then get those boots of yours on and start marching!

Note: if we don’t reach out to you immediately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your application has been rejected. Evaluating everybody’s applications might take a while, so sit tight and we’ll get back to you in due course!

Release Notes for Revision 15

OF Team | March 26, 2023

Tags: Updates

Make sure to update by using the batch program or the zips.


  • Fix a bug where cosmetics go invisible while swapping from in-eye to chase cam in spectator mode
    • Note: This may still happen on rare occasions, we will look further into it if necessary
  • Fixed schema (and custom) weapons having client/server mismatches
  • Fixed Duel config from not executing last in the ordered list (See [MISC] section for order)
  • Berserk no longer shows quickswitch list while equipped
  • Duel should no longer have any HUD elements break and freeze on screen (for real this time)
  • Fix empty super weapons being dropped and picked up


  • Announcers have now been moved to use FMOD, meaning their volume is seperate from the game with the command "snd_announcervolume"
  • No more "white painted" truck model
  • Added FGD5's updated vehicles
  • Ubercharge's U fixed
  • Quad Launcher now have a better physics model and corrected bone when mounted on merc's back
  • Merc's crowbar is no longer colored when invis
  • In-game tips now change every level change


  • Add air step-up/up-warping to ledges with "sv_airstepsize"
  • Nerfed Saw Ballista's ammo count (16 down to 10)
  • In CTF and derivatives:
    • Added flag return on touch by default
    • Added cvar "of_capture_on_away" for handling flag captures when team's flag is away from base (enabled by default; to disable flag captures when home flag is away, change to 0)


  • Removed "mp_fraglimit" from "default_global_config"
    • Server Owners! The configs in "cfg" work as follows: server.cfg -> default_global_config -> global_config -> default_gamemode_config -> gamemode_config
  • Added "tf_bot_join_after_player" cvar
  • "of_duel_winlimit" set to 1 by default
    • This means duel winners will be rotated off immediately, allowing the next two players in queue to play. Set this to 0 in the "config_duel.cfg" to revert


  • "func_plat" added
  • Added Armor filter
  • Jumppads now have a "reducebackwards" option
    • Reduce air accelaration when walking against them, you can now walk onto jumppads facing opposite of you without being shot directly up in the air
  • Removed the default sounds in the FGD
  • Added support for custom pickup sounds, will revert to default if empty or using another's pickup's sound


  • pagoda_dev has been overhauled

    • Overall improvements to aesthetics and brushwork, with a focus on curves and spirals
    • The layout has been redesigned with both MCTF and MDOM in mind
    • The islands over the deathpit have expanded to make room for more interesting fights and a capture point
    • The waterfall cave has been expanded for more interesting fights and room for a capture point
    • The Quad Launcher has been replaced with the Saw Ballista
    • MCTF specific changes:
      • The bases now have a clear high ground watching the entrance and flag room
      • Flag room is open and easy to get in but tough to get out
      • There is a Saw Ballista on the islands near the pagoda
      • Teleporters on the deathpit side take players onto the balcony of the base
    • MDOM specific changes:
      • The 4 capture points have been reduced to 3
      • The 2 capture points inside the bases have been removed
      • Points are now located on the island, inside the pagoda and inside the cave
      • Players will always spawn in their own base, instead of spawning everywhere on the map
      • No superweapon for MDOM
      • Flag rooms have been blocked off for MDOM
      • Teleporters on the deathpit side take players onto the island capture point
  • dm_angeles_dev

    • Shuffled weapon spawns around and added a few more
    • Tightened up gameplay spaces
    • Added new teleporter taking the player from the first office floor to the second
    • Added beach ball to the pool
    • Adjusted saw ballista spawn time to 90 seconds from 75
  • dm_campway_dev

    • Minor edits to skybox
    • Fixed seams near china lake
    • Replaced full ammo pack with Megahealth
    • Slightly changed saw ballista placement
    • Updated saw ballista spawn times by a few seconds

Public Bug Tracker Notice

OF Team | February 14, 2023

Tags: News

Just a friendly reminder for those unaware, we have created a bug tracker on GitHub available here:

If you've got any issues you'd like to report, please make them here. We'll try to keep you posted on any bugs that are being/already fixed in our development build of the game.

Please also be sure to follow the template provided when submitting an issue so we can ensure it can be fixed.

Thanks and have happy fragging!