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Release Notes for Revision 12

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Keep On Bein' Fabulous!

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Welcome to Revision Eight!

OF Team | September 1, 2022

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Who’s that handsome source mod knocking at your front door? Why, it’s Open Fortress, back home after so long spent fighting in the wars - and he’s bought you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, lovingly marinated in a deadly mixture of gunpowder, human blood and rosemary. That’s right - this bouquet is none other than revision eight of Open Fortress, available for download right now!

Ever since we reopened public downloads for OF earlier in the year, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, both refining existing content and adding new stuff too. We know you’ve been eager for more content to help make your fragging experience even more enjoyable, and hopefully this new update will provide just that. Although the full patch notes are too long to feature in this blog post, read on for an extended highlight of just some of the features revision eight brings to the table.

We’re kicking things off with the addition of Mercenary Domination, a new team-based variant of Deathmatch that comes with a handful of maps, both completely new ones and ports of existing maps. If you need an idea of how exactly the mode works, it's kind of like collecting a bunch of adorable beanie babies, and when you hit 100 of them you win! Unfortunately one can never experience the joy of collectible bean plushies nowadays, as these little buddies were discontinued 23 years ago to this day. Sad.

Elsewhere we’ve added a new Mercenary Capture The Flag map, Pagoda, which takes the action to the misty mountains of Japan (thanks in part to E-Arkham and Freyja, whose original Japan Pack assets are now included within OF); and there’s a bunch of other new and updated maps too, including a rainy redux of MVM stalwart Mannhattan for Deathmatch. Duke it out in the biggest apple of them all! (Just pay no attention to the mysterious beeping sounds you may or may not hear above the boiler room.)

But these stomping grounds wouldn’t be much good without some fashionable attire to stomp around in - hence why we’ve also added three new Mercenary cosmetic packs for you to equip. Whether it’s a sleuthy detective, a sneaky ninja or an honorable samurai, these getups are the perfect disguises for when the police come asking about the mysterious flower bouquet explosion that just rocked your neighborhood. (Trust us, they can smell that blood-gunpowder-rosemary mix from a mile away.)

Next up, two new announcers have graciously taken time out of their busy schedules to cross over from other planes of existence and yell at you as you make that perfect bodyshot. Hailing from the dusty corrals of Fistful of Frags, the Vigilante has plenty to say about the strange new modern world he’s found himself in, one with just as much violence to go around but not quite as much whiskey to pass. By contrast, Louie Ficknit - the rambunctious robot host of fellow arena shooter Tomb Fetus - is much more attuned to the thrills and spills of Deathmatch, although he’s admittedly used to less blood being spilled and more confetti. You’d better get ready to bumble, because he’s expecting some good bumbles out of all of you!

And there’s much more - bug fixes, animation improvements, new HUD elements, optimized performance, and many other adjustments. We hope you’ll appreciate all the hard work the OF development team has put in, and we also hope to add many more exciting features to the mod going forward. Enjoy the update and stay tuned!

Release Notes for Revision 8

OF Team | September 1, 2022

Tags: Updates

Please make sure to use the "Update" command on the latest version of oftoast in order to upgrade your game files.

*SERVER OWNERS*: Please ensure you delete from your sdk2013/bin folder!! We have upgraded our codebase and that binary is now obselete.


  • Fixed several server-crashing exploits.
  • Updated mapcycle_default.txt & mapcycle.txt.
  • Fixed oil_door_002 textures.
  • Disabled sapper for TFC Spy.
  • Disabled double jump for TFC Scout.
  • Updated loading tips.
  • Fixed scoreboard on team-based gamemodes.
  • DisableBoneFollowers is set to true by default in the fgd now.
  • Incompatible servers now no longer show in the server list (Make sure you update your servers!).
  • Updated default configs to use higher rates.
  • Updated game icon.
  • Cleaned up some debug messages.
  • Updated sv_showhitboxes note.
  • Added of_fix_random_fall_damage cvar (Default is 1).
  • Fixed First Person animation particles not always getting cleared.
  • Added announcer "Louie Ficknit" from Tomb Fetus, voiced by Jonathan "Stachekip" Biondi.
  • Added announcer "Vigilante" from Fistful of Frags, voiced by Gianni Matragrano.
  • Announcer packs can now be loaded by adding script entries into scripts/announcers.
    • Makes creating custom announcer packs easier and compatible with one another.
    • Official announcers have been moved onto this system (you can use them as a reference).
  • Updated weapon switch HUD:
    • Now displays weapon subcategories from left to right.
    • Old right to left system can be enabled via of_old_subweapon_select.
    • Subcategories exceeding 4 weapons now get moved into multiple rows.
  • Added of_weaponswitch_show_binds, when enabled, weapon switch hud shows your bindings rather than 1-9.
  • Fixed of_showtargetid.
  • Updated kill icons.
  • Quake-style crosshairs added.
  • Added missing music to game_sounds_music.txt.
  • Updated Pirate set and added new puffless jacket.
  • Updated background05 (by blamo and folvaen).
  • Invis powerup no longer uses Merc color in DM.
  • General performance improvements.
  • Votekicking now properly bans player on disconnect.
  • Fixed domination/nemesis medals on scoreboard.
  • Added new cosmetics:
    • Detective set (hat, trench coat).
    • Ninja set (hood, gi, gloves).
    • Samurai set (kabuto, menpo).
  • Updated buff arms cosmetic.
  • Added player spray muting command: mute_player_spray & unmute_player_spray.
  • Updated advanced options to include more commands.
  • Added server cvar "net_chan_proctime_limit_ms", to control the amount of time clients are allowed to make the server spend processing their network packets, per tick.
  • Added SteamID spoofing prevention.


  • Updated revolver animations.
  • Updated Tommy Gun animations.
  • Updated Railgun animations.
  • Updated China Lake animations and textures.
  • Softzoom added for flamethrower.
  • Chainsaw now has a working idle sound.
  • Railgun will not slow down Merc when he scopes in.
  • Fixed Gatling Gun Secondary Fire Bugs.
  • Potentially fixed Quad launcher laser guiding.
  • Tweaked crit effect for AR & dynamite bundle.
  • Lightning Gun no longer uses bounding box.
  • DM Flamethrower firerate has been restored to stock amount.
  • DM Flamethrower now is called "tf_weapon_flamethrower_mercenary" and TF2's flamethrower is now once again "tf_weapon_flamethrower". [Mappers will need to update their maps to fix this]


**New Maps**

dm_casino_dev, duel_geoteknik, dm_acrophobopolis_dev, duel_frostbyte_dev, duel_salvage_dev, mctf_pagoda_dev, dm_mannworks, duel_adrift, mdom_pagoda_dev, mdom_badworks_dev, mdom_wiseau, mdom_reservoir, dm_painhouse


  • Updated spawners to use correct weapons.


  • Added thumbnail.


  • Restored to the correct version.
  • Fixed missing clipping near rock.
  • Shortened player clipping near a rooftop.
  • Fixed a broken sign.
  • Updated render distance for a rock.
  • Fixed an issue with several props disappearing while still in sight.
  • Reduced clipping of rooftop (houses flamethrower) to prevent colliding while attempting to blast jump or bunny hop.
  • Small optimizations.


  • Removed "dev" suffix from dm_cargo.bsp.
  • Updated out-of-bounds and skybox detailing.
  • Added proper waiting and intro music using a new version of Sneaky Stalker.
  • Added menu photos.
  • Added map description.
  • Updated art pass for second floor breakroom area.
  • Updated exterior art pass for out-of-bounds areas.
  • Implemented 3D skybox with help from Mac, still a heavy work-in-progress.
  • Moved the Lena graffiti to outside the playable area.
  • Minor clipping updates.
  • Minor out-of-bounds detailing updates.


  • Reverted the large health kit back to mega health.
  • Optimized the entire map.
  • Added the lobster waiting music into sounds_music.
  • Kritz and speed powerup now last 30 seconds each.
  • Added some small health kits in areas devoid of any health.
  • Adjusted some details (mostly from changing geo to help optimize).
  • Added some particles.
  • Added some details.
  • Made some areas brighter.
  • Added clipping on the curbs that were lacking it.
  • Fixed wrong render fx on speed powerup.


  • Redone all the visuals.
  • Redone a lot of clipping.
  • Added loading screen.
  • Added new thumbnail.
  • Redone map photos.


  • Redone art pass.
  • Scaling fixes.
  • Minor layout changes.


  • Added more details to the map overall.
  • Made top connecting hall way into a room.
  • Improved soundscape.
  • Aged the map some years.
  • Connected blu and red spawn through teleporters.

OFToast Release 0.3.99

brysondev | September 1, 2022

Tags: Updates

A new minor version of oftoast has been prepared and is ready for release, going forward, please make sure you use this version of oftoast.


- General improvements.
- Console is opened with launcher.
- Uses steam environment when launching (thanks jan)
- Advanced options are respected on launch without needing to open the advanced box again.
- Credits! Click on the toast for them.


SHA-256 Checksum:

6ff432d0bde47d7d553ec997d4a49ae92c3962c1f3a2b324f913c12803661cf6 oftoast-0.3.99.exe

What we've been up to lately...

ScarlettRuby | August 30, 2022

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RSS Feed Now Available!

brysondev | August 29, 2022

Tags: Updates

Hello All,

As some of you may have requested, we now have a proper RSS feed for you to grab from for your bots and such!

If you run into any issues with it, feel free to ping bryson on the public Open Fortress discord server.



"Sunny as always"

OF Team | August 16, 2022

Tags: Coming Soon

"It was like any other day in Mannhattan... If your life were like mine, that is. Bullets overhead, people screaming. Just like in Wiseau, I was in my element fighting over scraps of some defunct company. Everything was smooth sailing, until some fool picked up the Berserk powerup."