Advanced Installation Guide

  1. Install TortoiseSVN
  2. Choose the right system for your OS

    Double click the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions

  3. Right click on an empty space in the sourcemods folder and select SVN Checkout, use the link to grab the game, and make sure that the checkout directory has \open_fortress at the end
  4. tortoise checkout

    Checkout in the sourcemods folder

    tortoise ui

    Pass the url as the repository url

  5. The svn should ask for credentials. Use ofs as the username login, no password.
  6. files should start to download and soon you'll have the client up and running. if there are any file conflicts, there are a few options to fix them: resolve or revert. they should be self explanatory, remember to always update again afterwards

Updating and Debugging

  1. For updating, right click on the open_fortress folder and select SVN Update. We recommend creating a desktop shortcut to the folder, so that you don't need to navigate through multiple files to update.
  2. tortoise update

    Ocassionally, you may need to update

  3. If you get errors with the SVN, one of the most common fixes is executing the cleanup command.
  4. tortoise cleanup menu

    Click cleanup

    tortoise cleanup

    Check the boxes above

  5. Please note that the game is in an Open Alpha testing phase. Please report any issues with the launcher or bugs ingame to our Discord