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Rocky Starts, Wicked Battles!

brysondev | June 8, 2022

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Hello All,

It has been quite the rough start for the Open Fortress team as we face multiple DDOS attacks, and an uphill battle with getting downloads up and ready via a custom made update client. However, we wont be deterred. This passion project has come so far, so of course we aren't going to give up just yet!

For now, if you wish to install the game, follow these links and download a copy for yourself. (They will be updated semi-frequently.) To install, simply extract the open_fortress folder to steam/steamapps/sourcemods and restart your steam client. It should then appear in your library. If you need assistance, kindly visit our discord server! (Link at the bottom of the page.)

Note: When using any of these mirrors, you will need to download Source sdk base 2013 multiplayer manually. If you don't have it, simply search by name in your Steam Library, and install as if it were any other program.

Happy Fragging!